Learning languages ​​while browsing the Internet

learn languages

Languages ​​are learned by practising, and if you usually surf the net a lot, knowing what the words you find mean will help you in this task. I have to admit that thanks to the videos I’ve seen on YouTube, the songs I’ve heard on Spotify with their corresponding lyrics and the many articles read on Feedly, my English vocabulary has improved over the years. It is clear that good bases are necessary to know how to build sentences in a language that we do not master, but consuming content in that language will help us know how it is used in practice and even learn concrete slang or, in English, slang.

learn languages

If you browse the web regularly and usually access written content in several languages, I suggest you use the following add-ons or extensions for Google Chrome. They will help you translate unknown words or expressions and learn them for future use.


Learn languages ​​from articles and websites of your interest. TenWords aims to help you memorize new words that you find in a text by marking the ones you already know and those you don’t.

Compatible with Danish, Spanish, German, Russian, Lithuanian, French, English, Italian, Norwegian and Swedish, TenWords will save the words you don’t understand in the texts you read in Google Chrome and then show them to you to memorize using quick tests You can repeat as many times as you want.

ten words

TenWords is integrated into any page you visit by marking the words when you click on them, as in a Word document, for example. The only requirements to use this Chrome extension is to register for free.

Learn Languages with Google Translate

As its name implies, Learn Languages ​​with Google Translate is an extension for Google Chrome that leverages Google Translate to learn languages ​​while browsing the web by reading the content of web pages.

First of all, it does something basic like translating selected words or phrases using Google Translate. But, in addition, it saves that translated content to recover it later and practice with it through repetitive tests. Over time, we will incorporate those words into our vocabulary.

With Learn Languages ​​with Google Translate, we will generate lists of words learned or to learn to review them and thus memorize new vocabulary in any language from study cards or flashcards.

Gloss: Learn Languages

Another practical extension of Google Chrome to learn languages ​​by reading online content is Gloss: Learn Languages, which also harnesses the power of Google Translate to offer compatibility with virtually any language.

First, the extension translates the words or phrases that we have selected on any page. In this sense, we will obtain its meaning and pronunciation in the original language and in the translated language. From there, the previously translated content will be highlighted every time we visit a new page or website.

With repetition in different contexts and contents, Gloss: Learn Languages will allow us to learn and memorize the meaning of specific words or expressions. And not to get too heavy, we can disable this extension on certain websites.

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