Microsoft’s Tips To Succeed In Your Skype Interviews

skype interview

In every interview, you have to have a good presence. But if, in addition, it is a Skype interview, there are more details to keep in mind so that everything goes well. Face-to-face interviews are a classic in the world of work, but Skype interviews are increasingly frequent since they allow people to talk with people avoiding their travel and saving the interviewer and the interviewees time.

skype interview

But there is the odd difference between face-to-face and virtual interview, via Skype or similar, both personally and technically. To facilitate Skype interviews, your responsible company, Microsoft, has dedicated a document to advise on what we should do to ensure that our Skype interviews are satisfactory and avoid technical or last-minute problems.

Before The Interview

As in a face-to-face interview, you have to be prepared in several ways. In the case of a Skype interview, it is convenient to take care of our user profile. Avoid a quirky username, make the picture or profile picture as correct as possible …

Microsoft recommends spending time on the profile image, which is in high resolution, that we appear professionally dressed and avoid selfies and group photos. In this sense, I would personally use a personal and a professional account for interviews and other work uses.

The second aspect to consider in Skype is bandwidth. Skype allows you to test its functions with an automatic profile, so we should check that everything will be fine with our Internet connection.

Microsoft recommends checking that we have the most up-to-date version of Skype and that the camera and microphone are of quality, something that usually happens with the current computers that integrate these elements.

We have talked about two technical aspects of Skype. Now touch the personal item. Microsoft recommends that we conduct a Skype interview in a clean and quiet place. Let’s avoid, for example, traffic noise or the barking of a dog. He also recommends that the light source is in front of us, as well as framing what the interviewer will see by placing the camera in a better position.

More tips: close programs you don’t need. It would be bad to hear background noises of messages or videos playing while you are in the interview. It is also convenient to have your resume or documentation that you may need nearby. You can have it on paper or on screen.

Microsoft also remembers to practice the answers beforehand, as well as to have on hand possible answers or information that we should provide and that will surely be asked of us.

During The Interview

From the above in the previous section, everything should go well in the Skype interview. Now it’s time to face the interview properly.

Microsoft dedicates an entire section to non-verbal communication that serves both for Skype interviews and for face-to-face interviews. Speaking clearly, vocalizing and with the right volume and a positive tone, always looking at the camera and not at the screen, are some non-verbal communication tips.

It also invites us not to show ourselves too far from the camera or shout too much. Normally, the microphone usually captures what we talk about if the place is quiet and quiet.

More personal advice: show your interest in the position offered, ask what the next step is after the interview (should I wait for a call, should I contact you?), Ask if we should provide more information or documentation, thank the interviewer for his time, and then thank the interview by email.

Problems can always arise, technical or in the conversation, but it is convenient to keep in mind the phrase “hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

Dealing with the unforeseen events that you may encounter having the solutions in advance will save you time and allow you to react better. Another phrase to keep in mind, “practice makes the wise.”

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